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Dirty Water TV is your source for what's happening in the New England nightlife scene.  Hosted by former New England Patriot Christian Faura and Jennifer Manley with reports from a dynamic team of nightlife aficionados, this cutting edge entertainment television show takes you to the best parties, the hottest venues, and coolest destinations around.  Dirty Water TV brings you the best nightlife every Saturday night at 11:30 p.m. on NESN.  You can also catch DIrty Water TV on Comcast ON DEMAND anytime you crave a little Dirty Water TV.

Dirty Water TV The show feeds local viewers appetites for news of what’s going on in and around Boston after dark, inside the velvet ropes, and behind closed doors.  Created by a very talented group of nightlife and television industry leaders, Dirty Water TV fills the void that has existed for years in the Boston television line-up -- think Access Hollywood with a regional focus on nightlife and celebrity brought to you by a hot young cast of talent. The result is a very popular television show that is informative, sexy and fun.
May 01, 2013 | Julie Fairweather
RUN FOR THE ROSES IN FINE COMPANY – SATURDAY, MAY 4, 2013 – The Kentucky Derby hits the tracks running this Saturday, May 4th in Louisville, Kentucky.  And just because the race is happening in a totally different state doesn’t mean that Bostonian’s won’t be decking themselves out and celebrating in style. There are more parties featuring floppy hats, sear sucker suits, sundresses, and Mint Juleps than you could ever attend. So we decided to throw together a listing of these parties so you can choose where you want to celebrate the ‘Run For The Roses’.
April 04, 2013 | Julie Fairweather | Dirty Water News Flash
We may all still be freezing our butts off, but spring is here and summer can't be too far behind. That means that we Bostonians will soon relish the rewards of living through yet another hellacious winter by heading out to the ball park, drinking lots of beer, and basically partying like crazed lunatics.  Sound like a plan? We think so. This coming week we have Opening Day 2013.  We have Springfest - a craft beer festival that gives good reason to drink beer all weekend long. We have Celebrity Apprentice star and musician Lil Jon hitting the local club scene.  And we have an awesome new show sponsored by Red Bull that will cause you to revamp the music selection on your iPod.  So check out this week's Dirty Water News Flash. Have some fun with it knowing that pretty soon it's going to be hot as hell around here and we won't really need a silly little entertainment and nightlife newsletter to cheer us up. Well, maybe you will. But at least you will be warm. Cheers to the weekend peeps!

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